Frazzled? Stressed? Anxious?

Has the Coronavirus pandemic had an adverse effect of your physical/mental wellbeing?
Would you like to gain peace of mind, mental strength and resilience?"

We have the answer you’ve been looking for and we want to share our unique experience with you.

Our proven Journey to Mindfulness course (safely delivered in person, or online via Zoom) is offered with a session of our Acupressure Massage and PNF Stretching FOR FREE when a full 8 Week Journey to Mindfulness course IS BOOKED BEFORE the end of March 2021.

Our Kuti

Our meditation sanctuary is named after the Thai translation – a Kuti means the living quarters of the Monks, as well as their Meditation space.
Our Kuti has been purpose-built within the grounds of our quiet home as a venue for our courses. We view it as a truly beautiful haven: dignified, peaceful and calming.
It is set in the midst of outdoor meditation areas where you can relax and wander in peace and quiet.

We Mean Business!

As full Members of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, we share and understand the needs, challenges and opportunities of modern business.

We work with organisations ranging from International and FTSE listed Companies to sole traders and have a good track record of delivering real impact.

Learn how you can benefit from our Mindful strategies to motivate your staff and boost your bottom line.

Mindfulness Leicester is a member of East Mids Chamber

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The story of Lance and Claire...

Lance has been involved in Meditation since 1973 when he first received instruction in Zen practice from Sensei Shiro Asano, 9th Dan, a Japanese Karate Champion.  In his mid 20’s, Lance was introduced to the study of Tai Chi by Shihan Hirokazu Kanazawa, 10th Dan, one of the world’s leading karate exponents and thus embarked upon a study of Taoist Meditation and Philosophy. 

Lance has taught Tai Chi for over 30 years including 12 consecutive years for Leicestershire  County Council.  In addition to his extensive background in Mindful Meditation and Movement, Lance is also a YMCA qualified professional Gym Instructor with specialist qualifications in Weight Management and Exercise Nutrition. 

Both Lance and Claire have been volunteers and Directorate Members of The Samaritans and have thus gained valuable knowledge of emotional support of those undergoing distress and despair, which at times is highly relevant to their Mindfulness work.

Claire, as a ballet dancer, has been practising Mindful Movement since she was a child and since 1983, has been a Fellow of the International Dance Teachers Association. Claire has been a meditator for a number of years and has studied Tai Chi, since 2002.  For over 10 years she has been a successful teacher of the art.